When Should You Tip Live Web Cam Girls: Tipping Etiquette

“Know the basic tipping etiquettes”

“Know the basic tipping etiquettes”

One truth about many “special sex services” is that you’ll have to give some extra money to the woman you’re getting these services from. This tip is given as a means of thanking the woman for all of the services she’s given to you. Think of this as if it was a tip you’d give to someone at a restaurant except that this tip is essential for sexual favors instead of service for getting your food delivered and recorded.

This is an interesting point about getting into a site. Tipping webcam girls can be a real tough thing to do when you consider the money you might have to pay to get into some of these webcam sites depending on where you go. However, you have to think about how you are going about tipping webcam girls. There are a few things that should be done in order to give a woman the money you want to send out. The site must have a direct tipping feature. If you want to know more about what features sites should have, visit this site: <ahref=”http://camsitesreviews.com/guide/cam-site-best-features/” target=”_blank” title=”the guide”>camsitesreviews.com/guide/cam-site-best-features/. You must avoid those terrible sites that do not allow you to tip your live cam girl.

Start in Smaller Increments at First

“Don’t go overboard – start with smaller amounts”

“Don’t go overboard – start with smaller amounts”

The amounts of money that a typical webcam girl could get in a single day are amazing. It’s estimated in a 2013 report in the Daily Mail that a typical stripper could earn close to $50 a night for her services. The same can be said for a webcam girl as she will practically be doing the same things that a stripper would do but in a digital environment.

In fact, there’s a realistic potential that a woman who works online like this could potentially get closer to $1,500 a night according to the same Daily Mail report. What this means is that a woman who goes online and poses for other people could get into a really profitable routine if she works well enough. The fact that there’s a larger potential audience certainly helps as well.

But what does this have to do with tipping? It comes from how more than half of what a woman will get comes from tips from the people she performs for. Many of these people will give her single dollar bills but others are going to give her more for her services. The totals can vary but they could prove to be extremely high in value.

You need to avoid going too far when you are tipping a woman at the start. You should start the process by sticking with one dollar increments when you first see a woman. This should be enough to show her that you are interested in what you are doing. In fact, this might encourage her to work a little harder to the point where she’ll want to do a little more for you.

You can move on to the more intense values when you have a little more experience with a webcam girl. You can move on to five or ten dollar tip only if the woman is satisfying for you. In fact, you might be better waiting for the second or third time that you see her before you get out these big bills. This will take a bit to get to but it is important to prepare yourself for this. It’s a part of tipping webcam girls that should be used carefully so you’ll know what you are getting yourself into as you watch someone.

Wait for Her to Go Down

“Let her give you a good show first”

“Let her give you a good show first”

One part of tipping etiquette when dealing with live webcam girls is to make sure you don’t tip her for too little effort. You might be seen as a really creepy person if you try and tip her before she can even pull out the big guns. You’ve got to wait until the big and intense parts of the performance before you can give her money. For example, it might be better to tip her when you see that she’s actually going to perform her best stuff for you.

Let’s say that you see a webcam girl who’s about to get into a lap dance for someone on camera. This is an entertaining thing to see but you should not tip her until you see that she’s done doing so. You have to wait long enough to where she’ll actually be done with whatever it is she is doing. This might take a bit to see but it will certainly be worth it if you know what you are watching.

Don’t Try and Draw Attention

The next thing to do is to make sure you don’t get into a war with other people over tipping. You can’t just try and tell people that you’re giving more than others or else it might end up being too hostile or tough. The bad thing about trying to draw attention is that the woman on the other end clearly will not care about what you’re doing. Besides, she can’t see you and she probably does not even know who is on the other end who use the chat box on a cam or the microphone options. In other words, you can’t assume that people will be interested in you.

You need to make sure that the performance is focused on the woman who’s actually entertaining people. She’s the one who is trying to make a living and entertain people. The people who entertain her should just complement the things that she does. Let her have the time in the spotlight that she deserves so the event will end up being more memorable for her and for everyone else at the event. This is to keep the event enjoyable and good for all people to get into.

Don’t Show Your Feelings When Doing So

“Just give the tip and control your emotions”

“Just give the tip and control your emotions”

The last thing to do is to avoid trying to express your feelings when you tip a webcam girl. The fact is that while you might be grateful and that you want to compliment her, you shouldn’t say anything in your microphone when you tip her. Also, you shouldn’t try to add anything into a chat box saying that you made a tip. The fact is that a woman who is performing for you probably does not want you at all. She’s just there to make money and she could care less about what you think about her. Therefore, you should still avoid trying to create some kind of connection with her. Besides, she’s got lots of other people to perform for later on in the day and doesn’t have much of a concern for what you are doing at the time.

In fact, you can’t just show feelings while tipping or else you will look like a huge creep. Acting like you are overly enthusiastic about something makes you look like a monster to others. Even if you have such exciting feelings, you have to be sure that you keep them private or else you might be at risk of looking really awkward in the process. Therefore, it’s best to just keep some of those more intensive feelings in your mind.

Remember to watch for what you are doing when getting in touch with live web cam girls. Tipping webcam girls is not a science but it could be complicated when you think about how many rules might be around when it comes to getting tips out the right way. Be sure to watch for this so you’ll have a better time with getting these tips covered for anything you want to get out of your event.

Is It Possible To Ever Be “Just Friends” After Having Casual Sex?

“Avoid getting stuck in the friend zone”

“Avoid getting stuck in the friend zone”

Having someone tell you that it is best to “stay friends” instead of pursuing a serious relationship after having casual sex can hurt, especially if one person really likes the other. Hearing someone explain why he or she does not want to be in a romantic relationship is worse. Pain, tears, and anger can be involved. To soften the fall, many people say “let’s just be/stay friends.” Many people who are not looking into a serious relationship are just in it for casual sex. They like having the other person in their life, but they are not into him or her romantically. If both people are mature emotionally and lacking the romantic feelings, being in the friend zone and staying there can definitely be possible. However, this rarely happens because two people of the opposite sex can’t always just stay friends. When people “mutually break up” it is not usually mutual and one of them continues to hold on to romantic desires. So,You need a good strategy to get into your friends pants again without troubling the friendship. You can get this strategy by reading this guide on how to get laid. This guide contains a strategy for adult dating and answers many questions that come up in your mind about casual sex.

Sometimes, people choose to have sex without the hassle and pressure of dating because they have been hurt before; it has been a strategy for adult dating. Having a friend with benefits is pretty much a win-win situation but there would be times when the sexual part of the relationship fizzles out and things can start to be weird from there – depending on how both individuals handle the situation. Although it is not easy, it can be possible with effort.

Why Stay Friends?

“Don’t get stuck in the friend zone”

“Don’t get stuck in the friend zone”

One question you should ask yourself is why you want to stay friends after the fizzle fades. Traditional wisdom says it’s impossible or not worth the effort and this holds true in most cases. If the person has been a good friend before the sex happened, perhaps one of you wants to save the friendship. If the friendship was great and you felt comfortable being around one another, it makes sense to keep them around whenever possible, so it is usually in both your best interests to keep the friendship intact – or at least try to.

There is almost no way that a reasonable and normal human being can go from having sexual relations with someone and shift to becoming friends in such a short period of time. Emotions are not easily switched on or off. There is also an old saying that it takes half the length of the relationship go get over it. This means that a romance that lasted for 6 months would require a 3-motnh healing period. If the friendship is something you really want to have, give it half a year before you contact the person again, although sometimes, at this point, the person would wonder what it is you want from them.

Is the Feeling Mutual?

“Ask if your friend wants to stay just as friends or want something more”

“Ask if your friend wants to stay just as friends or want something more”

Before proposing staying or going back to being just friends, make sure the other person wants the same thing and be clear about what type of relationship you want. Make certain that the other person is on the same page. If he or she ended it, that person may be afraid that you aren’t over him or her although this does not indicate that he/she is not interested in being friends. This simply means you have to make it clear that you accepted his/her decision. If the sex ended on bad terms, the other person may be too bitter to want to be friends, so trust your instincts on this one.

If the other person is making an effort to stay in touch, it is a good sign, but this doesn’t mean he or she will not be hesitant to meet you so hold that part off for a while. Give him or her some time to get over the relationship (yes, being friends with benefits is still a relationship). The fact that he or she is returning your calls or stays connected with you through social media suggests he or she wants to stay friends.

If you have decided to date other people, let the other person know and indirectly encourage him or her to do the same as this would help them realize that you now have someone else to romance. If telling the other person is difficult, it’s a sign that you need more time before getting back to the friendship zone.

Why You Should Not Be Friends

Reason number one:

“Normal friends don’t get romantically involved”

“Normal friends don’t get romantically involved”

Friends – normal friends – do things for one another. When you’re sick, they take care of you or give you a call. If you are having a bad day, they take you out and try to cheer you up. On your birthday, they give you a present or plan a surprise party for you. In the midst of all the support, kindness, and love, the other person may take it the wrong way and think there is some sort of spark underneath the effort. He or she might as “Would you really put all that effort just for him/her if you didn’t feel anything?”

Reason number two:

Sex creates a bond no matter what others say. Because of having a sexual relationship with no strings attached, someone is bound to get hurt. Mutual orgasms may be the sole purpose of these relationships and it has been a strategy for adult dating, but this also means that two people share a kind of closeness. They do something intimate with one another regularly with one person inevitably feeling a strong bond compared to the other. Even though they were not looking for any serious relationship at first, one gets attached. Another scenario could be that one person may have been secretly attracted to the other but thought maybe casual sex would be the closest they would get to being with that person. Romantic feelings would be hard to turn off and will take a lot of time. Being friends will make it hard for the one whose feelings developed. If you have been dumped before, you would know how painful it is to be rejected.

Reason number three:

“If you are jealous then you’re not just friends”

“If you are jealous then you’re not just friends”

The aftermath jealousy will definitely happen even you try to convince yourself it won’t. If you are not quite sure what that is, here is an explanation: women are naturally jealous and they always will be. As for men, when they get jealous, they can get become vengeful and women will become hateful. These two types of jealousies do not mix together. Whichever side of the coin you are on, it is only natural to get jealous if ever you do see your former casual sex partner going on dates or flirting with other people. You can also feel like something that is or was yours was being taken even if you two were never exactly together or were not in a commitment; you will have that sense of entitlement that is far more than there should be if you were just having casual sex.

There is really no answer to whether it’s a good idea to stay friends after the excitement of casual sex is over. Remember, though, that building a friendship after the relationship is done will take a lot of work from both people. It is not something that anyone can easily shift into because there are feelings involved. Before telling the other person “let’s stay friends,” think deeply if it is something that you really want. Think about the risks that could possibly happen and ask yourself why it is something that you want.

Microsoft Surface Vs. Apple Ipad: From A User’s Perspective

The battle of tablets still rages on and this time, there’s a newcomer in sight: the Surface tablet from computer giant Microsoft. Launched in late October 2012 and having had already released a new version just three months later, can the MS Surface compete against the Apple iPad, a long-time player and one of the most loved brands in the industry?

Since the launch of the first generation iPad in April 2010, Apple has released four versions to date. The 4th generation iPad and the iPad Mini were simultaneously launched on November 2012 with widespread reception. Known for its robust hardware and incredibly smooth touch surface, the Apple iPad has found its way into the hearts of millions of Apple lovers all over the world.

MS Surface vs. Apple iPad: Features Comparison

The latest release by Microsoft upto now is the Surface Pro, while that of Apple is the iPad 4G. Our features comparison will be on these two tablets.

Display: MS Surface Pro boasts of a large 10.6 inches ClearType HD screen with a 1920 x 1080 px resolution that translates to 208 pixels per inch (PPI); this however may not compare in all fairness to the iPad’s 9.7 inches screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, a whooping 264 PPI.

Processor: The Surface Pro is a clear winner when it comes to computing powers with its Dual-core 1.7 GHz i5 processor, as opposed to the iPad 4’s 1.4 GHz dual-core processing unit. Of course, the ARM Cortex-A9 in the iPad is a special feature the Windows 8-powered Surface is lacking in.

Microsoft Surface RT VS iPad 3

Microsoft Surface RT VS iPad 3

Applications and games: iPad has iTunes, the largest library of apps, games and music in the digital world. The MS Surface being powered by Windows 8 OS, there really isn’t that many apps and games developed specifically for the Windows store which was only recently launched in October 2011. iOS-based tablets and Android-based tablets have a far bigger advantage in this category.

Productivity: While there have been many external accessories and apps developed for the Apple iPad, the MS Surface comes pre-packed with some cool extras like keyboard, covers, etc. and also enables network mapping, accessing HomeGroup computers, plugging in a second screen or using a remote desktop. It also comes with the popular MS Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Storage: Both tablets have multiple storage capacities — the Surface has a 64 GB and 128 GB pre-installed memory of storage and an expandable MicroSD slot while the iPad 4 comes in 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB variants. Microsoft’s SkyDrive also offers 7 GB of free cloud storage while Apple’s iCloud offers 5 GB of cloud storage for free to iPad owners.

Cameras: Both the front and rear cameras in the MS Surface Pro are of 1.2 MP only while those in the iPad 4 are 1.2 MP and 5 MP respectively. The rear camera of the Surface can record video in 720p as opposed to that of the iPad’s that records 1080p video.

A sequel for the Apple iPad mini could launch in Q3

A sequel for the Apple iPad mini could launch in Q3

Battery life: There isn’t really much difference when it comes to the battery life. The iPad can last for 10 hours on an average while the Surface Pro may last for 8 – 9 hours on a stretch.

It can easily be said that the Apple iPad is still a clear winner in the game with its array of apps, games, music and videos. The hefty price tag of the Surface Pro doesn’t help either. But more applications are being developed for the Windows store, the design is getting better, and maybe in the not-so-distant future, we just might see a change of pace. After all, the Surface Pro was sold out in its first week of release both online and in stores. Moreover, the Windows-based Surface has already had much to offer for business professionals and people in the corporate sector with its Office tools.

Relationship Arguments: Tips On How To Deal With Them

Relationships are always unique- every couple has their own way of doing things. Maybe a certain couple might have made it a tradition that they will be spending their Christmas holidays in an exclusive hotel by the beach. Another couple might decide to spend the Christmas holiday at home with all the family members. But even though relationships are different in their own way, one thing makes them similar. And that is arguments-very couple argue. Some arguments are healthy but others can cause more harm than expected. A solution must be arrived at quickly before everything goes out of hand.

Here are tips to guide the both of you while dealing with arguments: how to diffuse bad fights.

Find the root cause of the argument

Before you begin dealing with the argument, it is important that you find out what really caused it. You might be arguing over something which might not actually be the reason why you are having the misunderstanding. There might be something much deeper that is causing the argument.

You might be arguing about who should go pick your kid from the football training camp, yet the real cause of the problem is how one of your spent money. Silly arguments can help you realize other issues you are having in your relationship.

Explain how you feel

After finding out the cause of your argument, explain how you feel about it. Let him or her know that you feel bad about it. You can say, “I feel like am not part of this relationship when you do things without consulting me.”

How Do I Get Out of an Argument with an Irrational Person

How Do I Get Out of an Argument with an Irrational Person

Apologize, even if you did not do anything wrong

Be apologetic. Show that you are sorry about what has happened even if you are not the one who started the argument. You do not need to apologize only when you did wrong. You can tell her that you are sorry because the argument got out of hand. This way, she will also feel sorry and apologize as well.

Talk about it calmly

Once you have apologized about it, sit down together and calmly talk about the real issue. Find out how you are going to fix the problem so that it does not cause another argument in future.

Give one another an ample time to speak. A five-minute uninterrupted talking will do. This will show that you are not there to argue but to listen and understand one another. Maintaining an eye contact will also do the trick.

Fighting in relationships is no fun. Find out how it starts and get ideas on how to stop

Fighting in relationships is no fun. Find out how it starts and get ideas on how to stop

Learn something from the argument

If you are always keep arguing about the same issue all the time, find out the root cause and try to figure out how this issue can be resolved. By doing this, you will be learning new ways of doing things to avoid future arguments.

Forget about who is wrong and who is right

Do not begin discussing about the issue trying to prove that you are on the right and your spouse is wrong. You might actually feel you are right and yet you are wrong and this will cause another argument. Both of you should be neutral and discuss about the issue and not try to prove who is right and who is wrong.

Crossfit Training: The Great Sociable Workout For All Ages

CrossFit, Inc. was founded by Greg and Lauren Glassman in 2000, and has spread rapidly throughout the United States. Today there are some 5,000 licensed, affiliated gyms across the country, and CrossFit is proving especially popular with law enforcement agencies, fire departments and the military. CrossFit is also catching on with high school and college sports teams, and it was given quite a boost when the Miami Marlins added it to their training routine.

But what is CrossFit?

CrossFit has been described in many different ways but, at its heart, it is a high intensity workout, with a challenging and varied program of activity that is designed to inspire participants to achieve high levels of fitness in a very supportive, but also very competitive, environment.

CrossFit involves everything from jumping rope, sprinting and rowing to weightlifting, carrying heavy objects and flipping large tires. It also focuses a fair amount of attention on the use of bodybuilding equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bars, gymnastics rings, and similar training aids.

Daily gym sessions typically last about an hour and will start with a warm up, followed by an intensive twenty minute CrossFit session, and end with some group stretching exercises. The program for the central CrossFit exercise session will change each day, with what is known as the “Workout of the Day” is being published throughout all of the affiliated CrossFit gyms.

Who is CrossFit for?

One common misconception when it comes to CrossFit training is that it is essentially an advanced form of training for those people who already train on a regular basis, and who have already achieved a reasonably good level of fitness. This is a myth, and the range of people enjoying CrossFit training today is very wide, and still growing.

With training course and seminars being provided by, or sponsored by, CrossFit, Inc., affiliate gyms are encouraged to develop their own specialist training programs to meet the needs of local communities. The result is that today we see not only thousands of kids getting involved with CrossFit, but also training groups springing up across the country for various different groups including seniors and pregnant women.

CrossFit combines strength training, explosive plyometrics, speed training

CrossFit combines strength training, explosive plyometrics, speed training

The CrossFit Games

Perhaps one of the most noticeable developments in recent years has been the growth of the annual CrossFit Games. The inaugural games were held in 2007, with athletes competing at workouts they had only hours to learn and the top male and female athletes of the games received a prize of $500 each.

Today heats for the games are held throughout the North America, as well as in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America, and the first prize purse of $500 has been increased to a very sizeable $250,000.

The Future of CrossFit

CrossFit is not without its critics, with many people questioning the wisdom of allowing such high levels of participation without satisfactory accreditation for affiliates and trainers, and without fully evaluating the risk of injury from such a varied and intensive program.

On the other side of the coin, many people, including several very prominent individuals working in the field of health, have nothing but praise for CrossFit, and the undoubted good that its spread across the country is doing for the health and fitness of a significant section of the population.

Workout Spotlight: CrossFit Training

Workout Spotlight: CrossFit Training

As with everything else, you must be sensible, seek professional advice, and stay within your own limitations. As long as you do this, there is no reason at all why you should not benefit from, and thoroughly enjoy, CrossFit training.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Mortgage

Choosing the right mortgage stands as one of the best financial decision an individual can ever make. Countless offers are present out there. Consequently, getting the best deal might turn out to be both confusing and challenging. Some mortgage lenders come with luring offers. Some of the offers are indeed genuine but others are scams. It is therefore quite important that one commits to conduct an extensive research on all available mortgage deals so that he or she gets nothing short of the best possible deal.

One of the most important aspects of a mortgage is interest. By the time a mortgagee makes his or her final payment, he or she will have paid quite a high amount of interest alone than the actual purchase price of the house. This is just to prove how extensive research in terms of interest rates is important. Thanks to the internet, one can easily shop for the best mortgage in town. With the internet, individuals can compare different mortgages, find out how much they qualify for in terms of mortgage, and better still go ahead and apply online.

It is worth mentioning that several factors are important when it comes to choosing a mortgage. They act as guidelines and go miles in helping one acquire the best mortgage there is. Grab a sit, relax, and enjoy as you read the guide towards acquiring this type of a loan.

How to Go Mortgage Shopping & Weed out Mortgage Lenders

How to Go Mortgage Shopping & Weed out Mortgage Lenders

Rule # 1: Avoid adjustable rate mortgages (Loans).

Let us face it, adjustable rate loans are very attractive. They look more than appealing to the eye. They are incomparable to the fixed rate loans. However, it is important to avoid these loans at any cost. It is always wise to opt for the fixed rate loans because their monthly payments and interest rates remain the same throughout the mortgage term. What this means is that you will be stable for the entire period. On the other hand, adjustable rate mortgages have interest rates that fluctuate throughout the mortgage period depending on a number of factors.

Rule # 2: Always be conscious of the fees.

This is the other area that is quite important. It is imperative that individuals research extensively on the different costs the loan brings with it. Some fees are actually unavoidable but others are “junk fees“. This means that you can negotiate some fees. Get an estimate statement that has a clear highlight of the expected fees. Some of the relevant fees include application fees, loan processing fees, appraisal fees, escrow fees, documentation fees, prepayment penalty fees etc.



Rule # 3: Term of mortgage

Term of mortgage is simply the period that the mortgage lender will give you time to pay the money. Upon the expiry of this term, one is supposed to pay the principal plus any other fees attached to the loan including interest. Well, it is wise to settle for a mortgage that offers a longer period of time to pay the loan. However, it is debatable.

The above are just some of the vital factors to consider when shopping for a mortgage. It is important to consider these and the many others available. They go miles in helping you secure the best deal possible.

What To Do With Employees Who Fool Around

Two of the hardest things that a manager would have to do face is not reaching the target and dealing with bad employees. Every manager has had a fair share of their “bad employees”. Those who always come in for work late or is habitually absent, who often gets a complaint or who does not follow company policies. The worst part of having this kind of employees under your wings somehow gives the impression that you, being the manager tolerate this behavior because you too are a “bad employee”. Now is the time to put a stop into this kind of notion. Here’s what you can do when your employees just gets bad.

Meeting and Revisiting

Set up a meeting with all of your employees revisiting your company policies. Give example of behaviors that would constitute a violation of the company policies. Encourage them to ask questions as you go further so as not to leave any page that is not understood by all. This would help as often times people do not know that they are doing something that is not entirely allowed in the company. While you discuss to them, you have to exercise professionalism so that they would know that this is something that they should take seriously.

One way to achieve that is to include an intensive employee background check on the hiring procedure of your company

One way to achieve that is to include an intensive employee background check on the hiring procedure of your company


This does not mean getting into an argument with the employee. It means to address the issue by talking directly to the employee. You have to talk to your employee privately and let them know about the behaviors that disrupts not only the company productivity but also the working environment. Ask if the attitude involved a personal situation or if it is something within the company. This would help you in resolving the problem that is causing the behavior.

Going by the book

If, after the private conversations between you and your employee or even after encouragements or recognition for the littlest thing that they do and their behavior is still the same, do what you are required to do. Do what is written on the book. Give them warnings and sanctions as provided on the policies so they would know that they are in a company of professionals and as professionals, they are required to act as such. And that would include abiding by the rules and regulations set by the company.

 Employee Bad-Mouthing on Social Media

Employee Bad-Mouthing on Social Media

Difficult as it may seem, as they say, someone’s got to do the dirty job. While it is very difficult to suspend or even terminate an employee on a worst scenario, you have to believe that you are doing this for his/her own good. For you are teaching them the importance of responsibility and discipline so that they can be better employees.